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Why football bets are so popular right now

by Angel Arya

Football bets are currently at record highs with this season being the most bets placed in football history, many are saying that this has been due to the pandemic causing problems over the past few seasons with fans not being able to attend live games and a lot of other complications with some leagues even being suspended for a set period. There are many betting websites to choose from when playing online now to what there used to be, there are now thousands of different online platforms to place bets, so you are spoilt for choice if you are someone who places football bets. Football betting has always been a popular hobby for a lot of people to take part in but recently it has taken off with this season being the most popular in years, the premier league is currently being bet on by record numbers of punters and even international games are also being bet on when in the past a lot of people avoided international games and stuck to league games only. The recent rise in international bets has been put down to a new tool that a lot of online bookmakers now offer which is called the bet builder. The bet builder has become a huge tool for online bookmakers with it being the chosen method for people to use to place bets with them being able to build their bets with many different selections.

There are many different selections you can choose from when making your bet builder for example you can choose a player to score or a player to get a yellow card to start with, you can also add in selections such as how many corners there will be or goal kicks. There are a lot of other different options you can add in as well, but these are some of the more popular choices for people. Since these different markets have been introduced over the past few seasons, they have taken off amongst people who place football bets with groups of friends even building a bet builder together with them all picking an option each to try and win a weekend acca. This is one of the main reasons why football bets are currently so popular due to this one tool being added to all football matches around the world.

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