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Which variants of poker are easiest to pick up as a beginner?

by Angel Arya

Poker is still one of the most popular casino games to play around the world. On any given day, it is likely that millions of people enjoy the thrilling gameplay this game offers and the deep strategy it brings. But what lies behind its ongoing popularity?

The sheer accessibility of poker in modern times at internet casinos is certainly something to consider. Any decent iGaming site will carry it to play which makes it very easy to find. Resorts Casino is one of the top NJ online casino sites you can game at and is an example of just how easy it is to find poker online these days. This is actually true for other casino classics now too – sites like Resorts Casino will also have lots of other fun slots or table games to try.

As well as how accessible poker is these days, the range of variants you can play also explains why it is so widely enjoyed. The choice can sometimes seem overwhelming for poker beginnersand leavesthem wondering which are the easiest to pick up. While Texas Hold ‘em is pretty quick to learn, the below are also worth considering – especially if you already know the basics of how poker works.

3 card poker

A version of poker which many people find even simpler than Texas Hold ‘em is 3 card poker. The major difference here is that you only play against the dealer – no other players are involved. This makes it very easy to pick up and also sees a new twist given to the game. Extremely straightforward and fast-paced, this is a good variant for beginners.


Another simple-to-learn game is Razz. The goal here is to make the worst hand you can, not the best as you usually would. Although this might sound complex, you soon get the hang of it after a few hands. This is made easier by everything else working in the same way as a standard poker variant like Texas Hold ‘em. Once the betting has run its course, the player with the lowest value five-card combination wins.


If playing poker online is something you are diving into, Omaha is simple to learn. It is not complicated to pick up and delivers all the fun you expect from poker. In Omaha, players receive four hole cards instead of two. This actually gives more opportunities to form decent hands and hopefully take home the pot. When you also add in how much fun this game is,it is no wonder it’s rising in popularity.

Poker for beginners beyond Texas Hold ‘em

As a newcomer to poker, it is easy to think Texas Hold ‘em is the only place to start. While this is an easy to learn and fun version, there are more choices which beginners will find easy to master as well. If you need a few tips on which to choose, why not try one of the above?

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