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Rummy has its exciting variants. Learn about types of rummy you can play

by Angel Arya

Rummy is no doubt a special kind of matching card game, that is special for similar gameplay on the basis of matching cards of the same sequence or rank and also the same unit. It is considered a game of skills. If you are searching for a special game to pass your free time as well as improve your card playing skills, then Rummy is no doubt the best for you. There are different types of rummy and the maximum of them is loved by all around the globe. 

All the different types of rummy have different rules and thus, are slightly different from each other. GetMega is an amazing gaming platform that lets you play this amazing game with your friends and win some real money.

About the various types of Rummy

Arizona Rummy

This is a variant of the game Rummy, in which 2 or more players are needed along with a standard deck of 52 cards. This game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. There are no jokers allowed but a minimum of 2 wild cards are chosen. This game is actually played 10 to 11 rounds. 

Each player is given 3 cards and the goal is to form sets and sequences and have the minimum points. The points are usually based on the cards like face cards and aces that carry 15 points, numbered cards carry points equal to their face value and the wild cards carry 20 points.

5 card rummy

This game is very similar to the maximum number of other variants as well as the traditional rummy game. A dealer is randomly selected and the game starts with the player present on the left of the dealer and goes in a clockwise way.

The player needs to draw a card from the draw pile while discarding a card to the discard pile. The game continues till any one player declares a hand. The main goal is to get 100 points. This game needs a standard deck of 52 cards, where at the starting; each player is dealt 5 cards. The players have to create hands in a sequence of 3, 4, or full sets.

The hands involved here are known as straight flush, royal flush, for of a kind, full set, full house, 3 of a kind, sequence of 4 and many more.

Push rummy

This is another variant of rummy, in which the aim is to have the lowest point after 5 rounds. In the first round, the players need to deal with 6 cards, then 7 in the second one, 8 cards in the third, 9 in the fourth, and 10 cards in the 5th one. The players here need to create a set and the players get scores at the end of each round.

5000 rummy

This is another type of rummy game, where the dealer deals with one card to the player face up for the others to see. The number of these cards will decide how many cards are to be dealt with the participant. Then the game begins while the other cards are dealt face down.

The players need to meld their cards in runs or sets. The game only ends either when the player has only one card or no cards in the stock pile. The target score is to get 5000 points. Those face cards have 10 points each. The aces carry 100 points and if they are wild cards, they carry 200 points while the numbered cards carry 5 points.

Knock rummy

In this game, the card has to be discarded after knocking and laying them all on the table. In case there are no unmatched cards then they will get benefits as they will get 20 points. If the cards are unmatched and the score of the knocker is less than and equal to his opponents, then the knocker is left in a weaker position because the difference between the score is given to the opponent player.

Apart from the variants mentioned above, the other types of rummy are Qwirkle rummy, rummy rejoin, Sticks rummy ,Whilst rummy Farmer’s rummy, Rummy 51, Gin rummy, Egyptian rummy, and many more.

Therefore, playing rummy in GetMega in your free time is really an exciting experience as you can enhance your skills regarding card games by playing different types of rummy games and also win some money easily.

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