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Gambling financial strategies

by Angel Arya

Some very general strategy (i.e., not in terms of game mechanics):

The only way to lose is to not play the right games. The reason why you should play lots of games is that they give you better chances of finding a good game. Also, the same “rule” applies to a lot of other aspects of life. For example, having a good income (the definition of which I am not 100% sure about.) has a lot of benefits. First among them is that when you are working on something, you are not distracted by things you can’t afford.

If you are lucky enough to be very rich, buy low and sell high. However, if you are poor, buy low and be prepared to sell high. Lets say you bought a $200,000 house with no mortgage. It is a very good investment. You don’t get any return on it, you just pay $200,000 to the bank. If you sell for $250,000, you get a return of a $5,000 profit, but you also have to pay the mortgage. Now, what if instead of buying the $200,000 house with money you earned, you invested that money and purchased a $100,000 house. After 12 years you could sell it and maybe end up with $150,000 or more. That $5,000 profit is yours.

Now imagine that you started small and got a very good return on your money. That small purchase turned into a $150,000 house. You now have $800,000 dollars, and you can now buy a $250,000 house with $250,000 of your money.

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